The 2021-2025 Strategic Plan


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Western Piedmont Community College is a transformational community leader that empowers all individuals to achieve success.


Western Piedmont Community College unites with all people in our community to identify and achieve their goals through an innovative, high quality educational experience.

WPCC president Doctor Joel Welch talks with students



At WPCC, we care deeply about our work and maintain rigorous standards that achieve results for our students, community and each other. We demand more of ourselves than our stakeholders do and exceed the expectations of our students, the community and each other through a passionate focus on continuous improvement.


Learning is central to WPCC’s daily efforts to equip all individuals with skills, knowledge, and attitudes to be active citizens in the community. Education is an exciting process that exposes all individuals to new ideas and concepts that foster a passion for lifelong learning.


At WPCC we take pride in serving the needs of students, the community and each other by extending full attention to every person seeking information with kindness and consideration. We demonstrate this commitment through education, volunteering, counseling, providing information and attentive communication.


WPCC values a culture of belonging that respects the perspectives and contributions of all people. We intentionally deliver an educational experience that provides all individuals with access to the resources necessary for their success.


WPCC values the pioneering spirit of our institution by leading the way with innovative educational programs and services to meet the ever-changing needs of our students and community. We actively seek out new opportunities to develop and advance internal operations and efficiencies.


The foundation of WPCC is an atmosphere of honesty, accountability, reliability, and virtue. We display integrity through transparency in our operations and communications allowing us to better connect with students, our community and each other.



Three WPCC students work with a robotic arm in classGOAL 1 – WPCC will develop and demonstrate a Culture of Caring for our students and community.

  1. By 2022 WPCC will have a plan for developing student centered facilities and activities.
  2. By 2025 90% of student feedback will state that faculty and staff care about their success.
  3. Subsequent fall enrollment of Burke County High School graduating seniors will be 25% by 2025.

GOAL 2 – WPCC will promote and advance diversity, equity and inclusion for our campus community.

  1. Enrollment of underrepresented groups in all programs will increase 20% by 2025.
  2. By 2025 100% of full-time employees and 75% of part-time employees will participate in equity training.
  3. By 2025 WPCC’s faculty and staff will more closely reflect the demographics of our community.



GOAL 1 – WPCC faculty and staff will utilize learner-centered teaching strategies.

  1. The gap in course success rates between majority and underrepresented students will decrease by 2025.
  2. WPCC will meet or exceed the excellence level for all NC Community College System Performance Measures by 2025.
  3. WPCC will reduce the success gap between seated and online classes in all disciplines by 2025.

GOAL 2 – Create and/or revise programs to support career training and economic development.

  1. Two new college-based registered apprenticeship programs will be created by 2023.
  2. The number of degree and certificate programs requiring work-based learning will increase 50% by 2025.
  3. By 2025 WPCC’s program mix will reflect employment sectors leading to living wage jobs.
Five happy student pose for the camera



Four students work in the WPCC biology lab on a projectGOAL 1 – Transform the advising model for students in degree, diploma and certificate programs into a proactive, intentional, holistic model that supports student success.

  1. By 2025 retention, persistence and completion of all students will increase.
  2. By 2023 advisors will establish completion maps with incoming students during their first semester.
  3. By 2024 all programs will offer at least one stackable credentials pathway.

GOAL 2 – Minimize barriers for completion and transfer.

  1. WPCC students transferring to UNC institutions with a degree will increase 20% by 2025.
  2. By 2023 all WPCC policies and procedures will undergo an efficiency check-up to ensure that they align with WPCC Core Values and are not creating barriers or prohibiting completion.
  3. Scheduling, program design and support services will meet the needs of adult learners in the community. By 2025 completion by students over age 30 will increase.



GOAL 1 – Graduates will exhibit high rates of employment and earnings.

  1. By 2023 WPCC will develop an advising strategy for students that provides realistic information about earning potential in their chosen field of study.
  2. By 2025 WPCC will have a placement rate of 75% or above for all technical programs.
  3. By 2025 WPCC will have a tracking system for graduates and alumni (anyone who attended WPCC and completed at least one class).

GOAL 2 – Expand opportunities for career preparation.

  1. By 2025 WPCC Continuing Education will host two workshops on campus annually for current students and the  community to develop workplace skills.
  2. Diploma and degree programs will incorporate a Human Resource Development (HRD) component by 2025.
  3. Advisory committees will be converted to business and industry leadership teams (BILT) by 2025.
A happy male WPCC graduate hugs his mother at the end of the graduation ceremony